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"A beautifully written testament
to the value of human life and a young 
woman's choice to have
and raise her baby." 

Kathie Bickerstaff
Nurse Practitioner
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WITH MORE THAN 30 YEARS of experience as a nurse and nurse educator, Mary E. Buckley has dedicated her life to compassionate care for others. Her heart’s desire is that I Knew You Before You Were Born will become a platform for creating awareness and engagement among women and policy makers on alternatives to abortion, and how society can support both single mothers and the rights of the unborn. 


Knew You Before You Were Born, Buckley's first book, describes how she handled an unplanned
pregnancy when she was twenty-three. This engaging new birth memoir is a story of courage and the  determination not to take the easy way out. Buckley's compelling account, from conception through delivery, gives affirmation to mothers who would choose life for their unborn child. Her moving and deeply personal narrative will inspire and encourage every woman who faces a similar challenge.  

Mary E. Buckley


I Knew You Before

You Were Born

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Fear Not The Heat
Book I


"When our culture and community promote choice, this young mother listened to God’s voice and remained faithful… a shining example of God’s love
and purpose for us all."   

Gina Tomes

Family Life Director

Bethlehem House Omaha

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of how resilience and

faith can overcome any adversity."


testament to the value of human life and

a young woman's choice to have her baby."

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